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CenterLaw wins top prize for Philippine Human Rights Defense

CenterLaw wins top prize for Philippine Human Rights Defense

In an exciting development, CenterLaw has been honored as the Most Distinguished Human Rights Defender (Organization) at the prestigious Ignite Awards for Human Rights. This recognition, given by Amnesty International Philippines, highlights CenterLaw’s outstanding commitment to championing human rights.

The Ignite Awards for Human Rights acknowledge individuals and organizations that significantly contribute to the upliftment of rights holders, effectively impact activism, policy-making, and foster positive changes in people’s lives. 

“We are extremely grateful for this recognition,” says Centerlaw’s Chairperson, Joel R. Butuyan.  “Over the past two decades, CenterLaw has consistently pursued its mission of using strategic litigation to shape the law and bring about enduring change. Through landmark cases like David v. Executive Secretary, Adonis v. Republic of the Philippines, People v. Morillo, and our submission to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) on behalf of the Malaya Lolas, we have endeavored to redefine the legal landscape to encompass justice and hold accountable those who infringe upon human rights. These endeavors represent our modest contributions to the ongoing pursuit of justice.”

CenterLaw receives award at the Ignite Awards Ceremony on 10 June 2023 at the Luxent Hotel. Receiving this award for CenterLaw are Atty. Raphael Pangalangan (second from left), Atty. Roger R. Rayel, CenterLaw President (third from right), and Atty. Joel R. Butuyan, CenterLaw Chairperson (second from right).

CenterLaw also dedicated this prestigious award to their courageous community partners, recognizing that their unwavering determination fuels CenterLaw’s work. The organization sincerely thanked these brave and committed individuals for their leadership and ongoing efforts to seek justice.

With this latest recognition, CenterLaw further solidifies its position as a leading force in Philippine human rights organizations. It also serves as an affirmation of CenterLaw’s continuing dedication to the cause of upholding human rights in the Philippines.

Atty. Raphael Pangalangan, Atty. Joel R. Butuyan, and Atty. Roger R. Rayel of CenterLaw with Ms. Vicky Factor of the San Andres Bukid Community, one of CenterLaw’s community partners.
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